Concept and Consulting

I also offer no obligation consulting services for clients who might be starting up a new business or who are looking to rebrand an existing business. This service covers visual branding and utilising the target market in order to optimise customer enquiries. To do so, I research the target market and determine the best way to make your business stand out from the crowd. Additionally, with re-branding, I look at the current perception of your business and the consistency between existing marketing to determine areas of improvement.

A consultation will typically be conducted in-person although, for long distance clients or those pressed for time, Skype may be used. A follow-up report will be provided based on the consultation and market research.

What Does it Cost?

Consultations are billed at $72.60 for the first session (of 1-2 hours duration). If design work is then required, this cost will be subtracted from the project’s quote.