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Web Design

Photoshop CS5, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Brisbane Parkour Association

The Brisbane Parkour Association teaches students in the Brisbane area about Parkour and its philosophy. This Website was intended as a marketing tool for the client and to allow users to easily find information about the classes. The client requested a design which would reflect their goal of being perceived as a community sport and to engage with both current and future students.

The colours used (blue, white) link in with their existing marketing and has an outdoors theme to tie in with their services. The site is very image intensive, with action shots to sell the service and group photos to highlight the sense of community. The overall design was to give the business an elite feel to stand out from other similar businesses.

The client also wanted to have links to social media available, with a live Facebook feed, to better engage with their students. I aimed to give the site a unique layout to accommodate all the required information and images whilst giving the site a feeling of flow and making sure that the information was not overwhelming to a potential user.